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Perimenopause workshop brings 'the gold' of sharing and support

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Ashley Smyth

28 March 2024, 1:39 AM

Perimenopause workshop brings 'the gold' of sharing and supportPerimenopause workshop facilitator Alice Tabak is coming to Ōamaru next week. Photo: Supplied

A workshop to help stop women over 35 from “slipping into doom mode” when it comes to approaching menopause will be in Ōamaru next week.

Perimenopause - A workshop for the Journey of Transition, is being held at Ōamaru’s Business Hive on Thursday, April 4 at 7pm.

The evening, being run by Alice Tabak, goes for about two hours, and presents women with the latest scientific research, followed by a chance for them to reflect and share.

Numbers are kept to a minimum, making it perfect for those who prefer small group discussions rather than audience-style events or online forums, Alice said.

Alice is also a facilitator for Celebration Day for Girls, a programme for 9-12 year old girls, offering them an holistic view of their bodies and an introduction to menstrual cycles.

Branching out into helping older women through the transition out of menstruating is a natural progression of that.

“In my years of women’s groups around this subject, my experience is women want to talk about it and to share their experiences.

“Being better prepared for perimenopause can give us the resources, security and confidence to embrace this time of our lives more consciously.”

“For some, slamming into the experience of menopause can be distressing, therefore arming ourselves ahead of time can serve us greatly.”

The workshop is for women who may or may not yet be experiencing the impact of perimenopause, including (but not limited to) changes in sleep patterns, struggles with concentration, hot flushes, irregular periods, brain fog, and anxiety, Alice said.

“This is a therapeutic space to discuss and learn about perimenopause, however it is not therapy. If someone is really struggling with this time in their lives they should seek professional one on one care.”

The workshop helps women to view menopause outside a medical lens, although that is also an important part of addressing the symptoms and can be an area of frustration for a lot of women.

“Finding a good GP who’s really up to date with the latest research around menopause can be difficult, there are good specialists available however, in Christchurch and online.

“So if you are not finding much success, I would ask to be referred. 

“There is also a great excerpt in Lara Briden’s latest book Hormone Repair Manual about how to talk with your doctor. This is a great checklist to feel prepared when entering into these conversations with your GP,” she says.

The workshop offers women the chance to connect and share with others with similar experiences in a supportive, relaxed, safe environment with an experienced group facilitator.

It aims to confront inherited narratives of shame around ageing and menopause, Alice says.

“That is where the gold is - when we share and support each other. That is what we base our workshop on, as well as the latest research, science, politics, workplace strategies, sex, spirituality and culture.”

The workshop costs $45 and includes refreshments. There are still a few spots left. For more information or to register email Alice at [email protected]