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Covid-stricken rest home appeals for help

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Staff Reporter

25 June 2024, 2:09 AM

Covid-stricken rest home appeals for help

Can you help?

Whalan Lodge residents and staff are struggling under a Covid cloud and have sent out an SOS to the public.

In a post to social media, a staff member says all the residents and half the staff members had tested positive for the virus in the last 48 hours.

“This places huge pressure on the remaining staff to hold the fort,” the post says.

A call has gone out for any soups, light meals and baking to be left at the door of the lodge.

Whalan Lodge caregiver Sonia Pablecheque says residents are doing okay, and trying to keep their fluids up.

“Some aren't eating much but doing what they can to keep their strength up.”

Staff numbers are very low due to the outbreak and she has been working 12 hour days, she says. 

The community from Duntroon and further up the valley has been “amazing”.

Otematata’s Best Dam Pub owner and Waitaki District Councillor Brent Cowles has been “amazing with donations of food”.

“The Waitaki Hotel too … all the hotels have been amazing," Sonia says.

"The community has really pulled together to help us"

Residents need very simple, easily digested food that contains protein and liquid.

Ideally food is dropped at the door of the lodge in ice-cream containers so they can be frozen for use over the coming two weeks or so.

“If you don’t mind coming into a covid environment, helpers for cleaning/washing would be appreciated too,” the Facebook post said.